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15 Inspirational Bible Verses for Business Owners {Free Printables}

The Bible has always been my source of inspiration when it came to running my online business. I have received numerous promises to squelch my worries, gotten innovative ideas, and obtained specific guidance on how to proceed.

As Christians who seek to glorify God through our business, we must never neglect the reading of God’s Word. It has the power to transform us and inspire us to rise up to do God’s will for our business.

As I looked back over the verses that have touched me most as a business owner, I came across quite a few. I decided to make printables out of them, so […]

Free Bible Study eBook for Entrepreneurs

A couple of months back, we did a blog series – a 21 day Bible study for Christian entrepreneurs. It was met with such great enthusiasm, that I knew it needed to go beyond the blog.

So, I combined all these articles into a compact eBook that you can download for free!

In this eBook, you will find a comprehensive 21 day Bible study on the different character traits an entrepreneur can learn from Jesus.

Truth be told, running a Christian business in a secular world is not an easy task. We need to employ biblical principles as Christians, while still making a good living as effective […]

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What an Entrepreneur can Learn from Jesus: Day 21 – Glorify God

We’re on the final day of our 21 Day Bible Study for Christian Entrepreneurs! We conclude by looking at how Jesus did everything for the glory of God.

Jesus did not seek His own glory while He was on the earth. Although he performed many miracles and attracted large crowds, He still chose to glorify God in everything.

We see several instances where Jesus states how He came to do His Father’s will and not His own. In John 12:28, we see Jesus asking God the same…
“Father, glorify your name.” Then a voice came from heaven: “I have glorified it, and I will glorify […]

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What an Entrepreneur can Learn from Jesus: Day 20 – Gratitude

We’re on Day 20 of our 21 Day Bible Study for Christian Entrepreneurs! Today, we learn to have a heart of gratitude like Jesus.

Jesus expressed His gratitude in various instances during His brief time on earth. Let’s look at three specific situations where He had a heart of gratitude.

1. Being grateful for the little

When Jesus had to feed a multitude with just a handful of food, He first gave thanks. We see this in Matthew 15:36,37.
He took the seven loaves and the fish, and having given thanks he broke them and gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the crowds. […]

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What an Entrepreneur can Learn from Jesus: Day 19 – Hope

We’re on Day 19 of our 21 Day Bible Study for Christian Entrepreneurs. Today, we look at how Jesus provided hope and encouragement to those who sought Him.

When we look at the people who came to Jesus, they always came with a need. They had doubts and questions. They came with disease and sickness.

There were even those who approached Jesus because their loved one had died. In all these cases, the people were without hope. They had almost given up, thinking there were no solutions for their problems.

But Jesus always had a word of encouragement for them. He gave them hope when […]

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