100 Best Websites for Online Entrepreneurs

In recent years, the internet has opened wide the doors of opportunity for just about anybody to start an online business.

We see new businesses sprouting up everywhere on the world wide web.

If you want your business to stand out among the crowd, you need to be connected to the latest information, and be armed with a wealth of knowledge.

Fortunately, there’s no dearth of websites to get the relevant quality content you seek.

In this article, we’ve curated the 100 best websites for online entrepreneurs, categorized based on the major aspects that drive your business.

Browse through the list and be sure to bookmark your favorites, so […]

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10 Creative Ways to Thank Your Clients and Customers + Free Printables

Thank you.

Just two simple words that hold a bevy of unsaid thoughts.

Everybody likes to be thanked.

We like to know that our efforts, however meager, are appreciated.

And all the more so when it comes to people we serve through our business.

Yes, I’m talking about the clients and customers who are the lifeline of any business.

With Thanksgiving just a month away, we’re already in the holiday giving mode. Let’s make the most of it, and show our appreciation to those who’ve helped us make it this far.
Here are 10 creative ways to thank your clients and customers.
1. Send a personalized email
In an era of generalized email newsletters, it makes […]

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Free Video: 5 Qualities an Entrepreneur can Learn from Jesus

We’ve been celebrating the second anniversary of Clothed In Scarlet this month, with brand new freebies every week.

But I’ve been saving the best for last!

Today, we’re launching a free video series just for Christian entrepreneurs.

I share more about this series in the video below:

If you cannot view the video above, click here.

In this introductory video, I share 5 qualities an entrepreneur can learn from Jesus.

1. Jesus had a passion.

Jesus had a passion for the Father, and a burning zeal to make His love known to the world. Jesus loved passionately, lived passionately and served passionately.

If we had just a fraction of that […]

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Free Online Content Writing eBook

We’re continuing our month-long celebration of Clothed In Scarlet’s second anniversary with more free gifts for you!

I’ve been in the online marketing industry for quite some time now. Ask me anything about inbound marketing strategies and I’ll have loads to share with you from my arsenal.

But one area I genuinely struggle with is content writing. I am the queen of ideas. I can give you enough content ideas to fill a notebook, yet I’m stumped by the actual writing process.

Over the years, I have developed my own content writing skills that have proven to be quite effective. I still don’t […]

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21 Free Informative eBooks for Entrepreneurs

The title ‘entrepreneur’ can seem quite daunting. You might not even consider yourself as one. I didn’t either, for a long time! But here’s reality: if you sell ad space, do affiliate marketing, offer a service, or sell any product online or offline, you do have a business… and you are an entrepreneur.

In order to build your business and hone your entrepreneur skills, it is recommended that you read books from those who’ve been successful in business. For that reason, I’ve made a list of 21 free informative eBooks for entrepreneurs that I hope, will help you grow […]

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