How to Boost Website Traffic with Influencer Marketing

Influencers play a major role in spreading the word about a relatively new/unheard of business. For the purpose of this article, an influencer is anybody who can get your website more visibility online.

I’ve personally seen the huge impact that influeners can make when they share an external website with their audience. If the influencer has already established trust and authority with their tribe of followers, the audience is more likely to visit any website that is recommended to them.

Let’s start by looking at the different types of influencers.

Types of Influencers

There are basically three types of influencers:
1. Celebrities
A celebrity is someone in the online realm who […]

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic Through Video Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million!

Moving pictures articulate feelings and concepts that would otherwise be difficult to convey. It’s no wonder that we see an increasing number of brands and businesses incorporating videos in their digital marketing strategies.

The impact of video on people’s minds cannot be understated. It’s a fact that an advertisement on television leaves a deeper impression on the viewer’s mind than a magazine ad or even a hoarding along the highway.

With the boom of the internet and its ready availability on mobile phones, it’s now possible to use video marketing to […]

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A Simple Guide to Increase Website Traffic Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is the art and science of getting people interested in your business by communicating with them via email updates.

We’ve all received emails from various brands and businesses. Sometimes we get special offers, or news about the latest happenings. Other times, it’s just regular newsletters and article updates.

Irrespective of what the content of the email is, if we’re really interested in the brand, we tend to click a link on the email and land on their website.

Now imagine thousands of such emails going out and people clicking on the links inside… That’s the number of potential website visitors you can get in […]

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How to Boost Your Website Traffic with Social Media Marketing

What started as a simple medium for friends to stay in touch has metamorphosized into a worldwide phenomenon that seems to just keep on growing.

There’s no doubt that businesses small and large need a social media presence in order to stand abreast with their competition. But that is hardly enough.

Social media is now a leading channel for business marketing, and it’s important to learn the required skills in order to make the most of your social presence.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can create an effective social media strategy that will drive more traffic back to your site.

Social media has various advantages for […]

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100 Ways to Promote Your Next Product

Creating a product for your business is a mammoth task.

But promoting it doesn’t have to be!

Thanks to numerous online marketing techniques such as:

Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing

In this article, we outline 100 practical ways you can promote your next product to get maximum visibility and abundant sales!

Spruce Up Your Website

1. Create a dedicated product landing page. This should have a clear picture of your product, what it does, and how much it costs.

2. Make sure the landing page title, URL and images contain keywords related to the product.

3. Add social sharing buttons on the landing page. This would encourage site visitors […]

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