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What is Your Website’s Core Purpose?

Having a website has become the norm for most businesses – online and offline.

Ever since the evolution of the World Wide Web, more and more people are thronging to claim their own piece of virtual land.

But just haphazardly putting together a website will in no way benefit your business.

If you really want to use your website to build your business, it’s essential that you put in more time into planning than executing your site design.

We launched our new site, Get Found Online barely a month ago. Truthfully, there is still so much more I want to do with this site.

But even with this basic site […]

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10 Vital Strategies to Get Intentional with Your Online Business {Infographic}

Over the past several weeks, we have shared articles and resources to help you build a stronger online presence and get better returns on your investment of money, time and effort.

We’re winding up our Get Intentional with Your Online Business blog series today, with a graphical representation of everything we’ve covered over the past couple of month.

To sum it all up, here are the 10 vital strategies to get intentional with your online business.

1. Answer the Why? How? What? questions for your business.

Why does your online business exist?
How will you materialize your ‘why’?
What services/products will your business provide in order to realize your […]

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6 Books to Take Your Online Business to the Next Level

Books have always been my go-to resource every time I needed to know about a particular subject. And online business is no exception. Although I’ve been in the online marketing scene for more than 5 years now, I still distill new information from all the good business books out there.

When you’re getting intentional about your online business, you will start identifying gaps in your knowledge and skills. I highly recommend that you pick up some books that deal with those topics where you’re lagging, and use the information you garner from them to boost your expertise.

To start with, here are 6 books […]

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The Most Important Thing to Do as Your Online Business Grows

Last week, we emphasized the need to have systems in place for your online business. Once these systems and processes are set up, the next step is to prepare your online business for growth.

If your business is just starting out, chances are that you will be doing almost every task at hand. From designing graphics and setting up your website, to creating products/services and marketing them, it will be you running the entire show on your own.

But what happens when your business starts to grow?

When your traffic starts to spike, you start getting more email inquiries.

When your blog posts become popular, you have to […]

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A 3 Step Process to Simplify Your Online Business {With Free Printable}

Does running an online business overwhelm you?

You need to create new products, market those products, write helpful articles, interact regularly on social media, send out newsletters, create pretty graphics…

… oh, I could go on!

Just reading the list makes you feel tired, doesn’t it?

I felt the same way about running an online business too.

And then I discovered something that simplified it all for me…

What is a System?
A system is a procedure that you always follow to get something done. An online business is made up of numerous systems that can range from content creation and social media, to sales and marketing. And each of these systems […]

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