3 Vital Ingredients Required to Succeed Online - CIS #02

I’m so excited to bring back our revamped podcast show with a new and improved focus. My aim through these podcasts is to help you discover your unique skills and talents, and use them to glorify God. I will also be sharing with you strategies, tips and resources to help you convert your talents into a legitimate online income stream.

In today’s podcast, I share my own personal story of how I got started in online business way back in 2006. My experience includes websites that never took off, petty freelance jobs and eventually SEO, which helped bring in a good clientele and a steady income.

It is very easy to start making money online. They key however, is to make sure your online venture sees consitent growth and succeeds in the long run. If you really want to succeed in making money online, here are a few things you must do.

You can listen to the complete podcast here:

3 Vital Ingredients Required to Succeed Online

1. Stay focused. The internet is filled with a lot of wondrous opportunities that can distract you from your main purpose. Find out where your interest lies and focus on just that one thing until it succeeds.

2. Take action. 80% of your results can be attributed to just 20% of your actions. Identify what you need to do to bring in good results, and do it consistently.

3. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t let worry or fear stop you from doing what needs to be done next. Do something everyday that is way out of your comfort zone. This will help you overcome your inhibitions and help you grow and succeed online.

I had a good time recording this podcast for you. I hope it motivates you to take action and start creating an income for yourself online.