Women Living Well: Book Review

I have been following Courtney Joseph at Women Living Well for many years and her blog has been a great source of encouragement in my faith and family life.  Her latest book “Women Living Well” was released earlier this month and I was privileged to review it.

The book as such is divided into four parts – each dealing with an important aspect of a woman’s life:

1. Your Walk with the King

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I love how the book starts with laying the foundation by walking with God first.  Everything else follows after, and falls in place when we keep God on the throne of our lives and walk with the King.  Courtney shares a lot of practical tips about how we can pursue an active relationship with God even in the midst of our busy lives.

2. Your Marriage

The marriage section of the book includes a “Completing Him” marriage challenge that consists of 10 unique challenges that will bring the spark back into our marriages.  She also writes about biblical submission and how we should follow our husbands’ lead when it comes to raising the family.

3. Your Parenting

In the parenting section, Courtney puts the reader at ease as she is very non-judgmental and shares her own flaws.  She writes about the major influence of mothers in the lives of their children and how we need to parent in the digital age.  A lot of valuable tips are found in this section, especially with respect to kids and media.

4. Your Homemaking

Let’s pursue making our homes havens for our families by being organized, consistent, and self-disciplines.

In the homemaking section of the book, Courtney talks about a term we are all familiar with – juggling.  There is an entire chapter dedicated to how we can fulfill all our roles at home, work and ministry without burning out.  She also writes about how routines matter, and more about discipline and diligence that will help us become better mothers and keepers of our homes.

No matter which stage of life you are in, there’s something in this book for you.  Pick up a copy today and equip yourself to be a woman living well.

About the Author:

Courtney Joseph is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Evangelism and Discipleship. Courtney is the founder of Women Living Well Ministries. She can be found writing about a woman’s walk with God, marriage, parenting, and homemaking at WomenLivingWell.org.